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Late News
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SENSORS Call for "Late News" Papers

The purpose of this ultimate "Late News" call, with deadline on Tuesday, August 13, 2010, is to enable the "latest" outstanding papers to make it to the conference for presentation in the poster session. This "Late News" submission process is not designed to be an overflow for the abstracts that did not make the deadline of May 4, 2010 or that a paper did not get accepted in the initial abstract review. On the contrary, the goal is to give the opportunity to get exciting and outstanding results the chance of being presented at IEEE SENSORS 2010 Conference in Hawaii, USA. It deals with absolutely remarkable and novel achievements that should not be missed, both for the author and the attendees of the conference.

The format of these "Late News" papers will be to submit a full four (4) page camera-ready extended paper. If the paper is accepted for presentation, it will go directly for inclusion to the technical digest.

The papers will be reviewed and authors will be notified of their acceptance by Tuesday, August 24, 2010. The criteria for acceptance are very rigid: only top-level results and major breakthrough of a wide interest will be granted this exceptional status. Papers thus accepted will appear as submitted in the conference proceedings. At the conference, a special poster area will highlight these new achievements. Announcement both on the web site as well as in the program brochure will attract special attention to these papers.

Please be aware of the 3 days between author notification of presentation and acceptance and make sure that the presenting author has travel funding to the conference in Hawaii and the paper has the necessary permissions to be published.

Late News Abstract Submission Deadlines and Due Dates (No Deadline Extensions)

4-Page Uploaded LN Abstract submitted:Tuesday, August 13, 2010
Notification (via email) to Authors:Tuesday, August 24, 2010
LN Acceptance from Authors:Friday, August 28, 2010
LN Copyright Due:Tuesday, August 28, 2010

"Late News" Selection Criteria:

Acceptance criteria for "Late News" papers are the same as for regular contributed papers, with the additional consideration that the work be of sufficient impact that it warrants rapid communication via the late news process. Perhaps your work was not ready for submission by the March deadline. We are looking for very recent results and discovery that should be presented at the conference for the "Late News" submissions.

"Late News" papers will be accepted for presentation in the poster sessions and will be published in the technical digest. "Late News" papers will be limited to four (4) pages in length and must follow the template available.

Due to time constraints, the Technical Program Chairman and a Technical Program Subcommittee will decide which papers are to be included as "Late News".

Authors should not submit work that has already been presented at another conference or that has been published in the literature. In the text and through reference to the literature, authors should clearly delineate how the submitted work differs from other recent work by the same research group, or by other groups.

Reasons "Late News" Papers are not accepted:
  • Wasn't uploaded by deadline to send to the reviewers
  • Didn't show application was working
  • Didn't document data, details or measurement or had some relevant info missing
  • Data too generic or not enough device or process characterization
  • Results incomplete and inconclusive and/or no verification
  • Unclear concept of device, or what is "new" from your previous work or others
  • Poor images and unclear pictures or no picture of device
  • Paper acting as a commercial instead of displaying research
  • Insufficient technical impact
  • Wrong meeting for this topic - better suited for a different meeting
  • Didn't reference previous known work or publications
Late News Template

Late News Template

Late News On-Line Submission

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